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Why are we giving out resume and cover letter templates for free?

Our process doesn't rely on applying to jobs that are already posted. In fact, our process helps you avoid going through HR to find a job completely!

But until we accomplish our goal of changing how companies hire employees, at some point you will need a resume and cover letter. And we don't tell you to never apply for jobs that are posted. There are even times when you are legally required to do so (such as, if you are receiving unemployment benefits)!

That said, creating a resume and cover letter should not be difficult and is not the puzzle so many try to make it out to be. You have some skills, you have some accomplishments, and there is a particular job you are applying for - that's it. 

Your resume and cover letter are simply tools to help tell someone what kinds of problems you are uniquely capable of solving, how, and some examples of how you have done that in the past.

So we're giving you our templates for free - along with some directions and explanations. We hope they serve you well as we've seen them do thousands of times!

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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