Course Description

Are you a coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, or small business creative who winces at this question: Does your brand help you attract the right customers?

Branding is the topic on everyone’s mind. You can easily fall down the rabbit hole of envisioning all the ways you want to showcase your small business to the world. It’s important to have clear steps in your brand journey so you walk away confidently with a plan.

This course helps you do just that!

Whether you are a small business owner starting from scratch, or already established in your market, this course helps you gain a clear understanding of your own brand. You’ll develop an entire toolkit with a customized action plan, as well as receive a takeaway workbook and in-depth knowledge of how to leverage your brand to grow your small business.

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What you'll learn

  • How to discover the elements that make your brand unique--and how to use them to stand out from the crowd

  • Practical tools to implement to give your business the makeover you’ve been waiting for (on a DIY budget)

  • How to create beautifully branded small business packaging, business cards, and other assets

  • 10 design and photography elements to consider when creating a brand book

  • Basic copywriting tips to know when crafting your brand origin story

  • A basic small business branding timeline so you’re not stuck in a loop

Buy $499.00

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Czarnik
Chris Czarnik
CEO, Founder

National career search expert Chris Czarnik is tired of hearing vague generalities about how to find your dream job. With 14 years of job search training and motivational speaking experience, helping over 2,000 people individually and tens-of-thousands at seminars and trainings, Chris has developed a practical, step-by-step process that is being hailed as a job search revolution.

His process, the Human Search Engine® (or HSE), is radically different. It puts the job-seeker in the driver’s seat and teaches them how to perform a research project to find their next job. It does not cover resumes or how to fill out an online application to bypass HR screening software. The job-seeker is 100% in control – but also 100% responsible for every outcome.

Ready to learn how to craft your brand?