The Serious Job Seeker's Guide - Job Search Course

June 11th, 2017 Cohort | taught by Chris Czarnik
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Chris Czarnik
Chris Czarnik
CEO, Founder

About the Instructor

National career search expert Chris Czarnik is tired of hearing vague generalities about how to find your dream job. With 14 years of job search training and motivational speaking experience, helping over 2,000 people individually and tens-of-thousands at seminars and trainings, Chris has developed a practical, step-by-step process that is being hailed as a job search revolution.

His process, the Human Search Engine® (or HSE), is radically different. It puts the job-seeker in the driver’s seat and teaches them how to perform a research project to find their next job. It does not cover resumes or how to fill out an online application to bypass HR screening software. The job-seeker is 100% in control – but also 100% responsible for every outcome.

Are you tired of responding to job ads only to get back....NOTHING?

Are you tired of going to a job every day that you hate, but are unsure what you can do about it?

Do you feel like you've "asked for help" or "talked to everyone" about finding a new job but no one has anything for you?

Are you ready to take control of your job search?

You've come to the right place....

Human Search Engine is an entirely new way to conduct a job search. Designed in a research project format it takes the job seeker through a journey of discovery about themselves and the type of work and organization that best fits them. More than 2,000 people have successfully used Human Search Engine to improve the effectiveness of their search.

Through the assignments and exercises HSE teaches you to execute a linear and sequential process to help uncover the 75% of jobs that are never advertised.

The program includes video and ebook instruction as well as weekly check-in conference calls. You will learn how to implement this process on a day by day basis.

If you are tired of using traditional job search methods (sending resumes to posted job ads) and frustrated by their lack of results, HSE is the gateway to a job search that YOU control and will uncover opportunities that traditional methods never could!

What the HSE Job Seeker's Guide is:

- A step-by-step process

- A process that puts YOU in control of your job search

- A process that allows you to customize your job search based on YOUR experience, YOUR values and YOUR needs

- Applicable whether you're 22 or 52

- Proven. Tested over 14 years with thousands of individuals

- Work. You have to do the work to get the results. If you don't, you won't

What the HSE Job Seeker's Guide is NOT:

- A magic bullet

- An easy, fast fix

- A way to get to people so you can ask them for a job

Course Contents

42 Videos
3 Texts
24 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Introduction - A Different Way to Search for a Job
Chapter 1 - Change Your Job Search Mindset
Chapter 2 - The Fundamental Problems of Job Search
Chapter 12 - Networking Meeting Script