The Human Search Engine is an entirely new approach to job search!

If you are tired of sending resumes and cover letters into the "black hole" of HR and long for control over your search, this workbook is your answer.

Commonly referred to as "$5,000 of career coaching in a $15 workbook", Chris' approach has been developed and refined by personally working with thousands of job seekers for over a decade.

This step-by-step guide will put you in the driver's seat, show you what to do next and how to do it.
The Human Search Engine will turn you into your own recruiter and to help put you in front of people and organizations that are looking for you - IF you do the work! (Yes, there is work involved...)

The process in this workbook is currently being used to train counselors, staff and job seekers in colleges, universities and Workforce Development offices across the country - and now you can use the same process to land the job of your dreams.

You always knew there had to be a better way to find a job...Human Search Engine is that better way!
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What you'll learn

  • Everything you don't know about yourself, why you think, act and do things the way you do - and how to determine what kinds of employment situations work best for YOU!

  • That you have lots of accomplishments in your past that give you credibility and have taught you how to solve unique problems

  • What employers are really looking for and how to communicate what you have to offer in a way that makes them want to help you

  • How to find the types of organizations that are a good fit for YOU (Yes, YOU get to CHOOSE where you work!)

  • How to garner your support system to work FOR you - and how you're probably overlooking the best opportunities you have

  • How to meet with people and discuss your research project (that's right - it's not a job search - you're doing research) with confidence and excitement

Buy $14.99

Meet The Author

Chris Czarnik
Chris Czarnik
CEO, Founder

National career search expert Chris Czarnik is tired of hearing vague generalities about how to find your dream job. With 15 years of job search training and motivational speaking experience, helping over 2,000 people individually and tens-of-thousands at seminars and trainings, Chris has developed a practical, step-by-step process that is being hailed as a job search revolution.

His process, the Human Search Engine® (or HSE), is radically different. It puts the job-seeker in the driver’s seat and teaches them how to perform a research project to find their next job. It does not cover resumes or how to fill out an online application to bypass HR screening software. The job-seeker is 100% in control – but also 100% responsible for every outcome.

Ready to learn the human search engine way to find your next job?